Live To See Another Day

For nine months my Mother carried me in her womb
Not knowing that months after my birth she’d have to
Give me up to a surgical procedure that would take six hours
So that I, her new born baby can live to see another day
Not knowing that at just the age of 22 she’d have to leave her home, Haiti and fly out to an entire new environment,
A different country, America
So that I can live to see another day
This womman, my Mother
Is an amazing person, she truly is the definition of a “Mother”
She could have gave up on me but her motherly intuition
Gave her the strength to carry on
It’s like God came down to her and spoke to her face to face
And said “this child of yours has a unique purpose, not even three holes in her heart will stop her from seeing another day”
Leaving everything behind her
She wanted the best for me
Having to go through that at such a young age
It’s inspiring, I thank and salute her
For giving me the chance to breathe
And the chance to tell her how much she’s appreciated
That is what I find awesome about this amazing woman

- Elisabeth Bellevue

This poem is about: 
My family


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