Live With My Mistakes

Tried it a few times; didn't think it would hurt

Never thought that I'd get caught in my own dirt

You said that you would love me

You said you'd always be there

but now that i look around you're not anywhere


You said it was jus one time; that we were having fun

and now you look with digust as my eyes water and run

I look back to that night the one meant just for pleasure

and how i never thought about the things i had to treasure

I gave in and slipped away not thinking of the time

not thinking of my future plans that should have been in mind


how did i know that things like this would happen

i should've been smart enough to know you'd leave me hanging

its been almost a year now and everything has changed

you've even found a  new girl and changed your school nickname


i've had to change some things myself but im sure that you dont care

because the feeling that you had have nothing left to spare

nine months of humilitaion was my biggest reminder

of the choices that i made the night i played with fire


 For nine months of my life i was reminded of my decision

now my time and life have gone under a critical division

My mother won't speak to me and my friends have shied away

all because of the careless decsions that i made


I have to turn my life around but not for my own sake

and by the way meet your son i call him baby Blake




teen pregnancy is real don't get caught up

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