Live, Love, Lost


I don’t think most people get it

What others have to go through

I think they just see right, left, me and you

We spend our whole lives searching for

Something oh so great

But all some people do is moan and complaint


I’ve seen a side of death

That not too many see

And quite frankly it scared the absolute shit outta me

I may have all my necessities

But I almost lost something more

Now I can’t seem to take anything for granted anymore


I’ll never forget the look of death

It’s something that been tattooed onto the back of my hand

I can’t say I’ve hit rock bottom

But I’m nowhere near the top

Some things just hit hard

While others just do not


I may not have gone the right way

But I didn’t quite go left

I know people have it worse

But that leaves me no excuse

I know it’s for the better

And I know that betters to come


They say the past doesn’t define us

But in my case I think it most certainly does


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