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Thu, 04/25/2013 - 23:25 -- anydeth


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you know, you breathe everyday, but you don’t comprehend yourself fully.
the tinges of anxiety that hit
at random points in the
day. a yawn
here and there.
tears that cannot be encouraged to leave, lest society judges you as weak;
yet you breathe
a gasp of air is enough to help you live a little longer.
a little funnel of oxygen,
and hydrogen,
and carbon dioxide,
and nitrogen, and whatever other gases.
they come and go, much as the people in your life do.
nothing lasts forever,
not even
life. but breathing is the cycle
of nothing.
breathing is forever.

you hold your breaths at pretty little moments,
like at the moment your love smirks
and his eyes twitch upwards,
curled in a warm embrace: preparing to give a bouquet of flowers.
but then breathing is also the moments at which your lover becomes indifferent,
a steady flow of air, a quick wisp here
and there in order to steady your fury: and then the last,
his departure, to which your breathing is steadied and your breath has stopped.
that is a cycle that comes
and goes until someone
breaks it.


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