Live the day

Mon, 08/29/2022 - 18:32 -- Grant12

Turn your hands on the world and dream

for no one here is who they seem

Then use your strength and take your time

and mind the answers that you find


To know the truth you need to hear

the lies men tell themselves in fear

And beware the man who plays the sage

for he will rob you of your wage


The world seems large but you should know

How stars can show you where to go

But be careful that you don't act in haste

for there is no one here to take your place


For those who offer what is free

reward them only your company

And avoid those prophets who command

what you know to be the word of man


Work hard each day and try your best

recalling life is but a test

for every man who lives and dies

Will one day learn the reason why


Remember well just who you are 

well fight your wars ware well your scars

Take what you need then freely give

whatever's left so men may live


Be calm among the panicked crowd

speak the truth but not too loud

Then guard your thoughts like wife and kin

and let no evil thing within


Use the gifts that you possess

to help the weak and dispossessed

And when you find that one true friend

keep her close until the end


Run and write become yourself

if not for you then for your health

And I will try to live by Grace

so next we meet you'll know my face


Don't shed a tear should you come home

and find too late that I am gone

For I am simply called away

While you my son must live the day





This poem is about: 
My family
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Please forgive my spelling

I haven't learned how to edit the page yet

up until now I've been just deleting the poems and starting ove

I wrote this poem for my son on his 18th birthday

this year he turns 25

as you might imagine I am very proud of him!

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