The Little Things (And I Did)

He told me to not go any further
And I did.
He told me not to love again
And I did.
He told me to not hug another
And I did.
He told me to not love another man
That I followed

But you take the little things
I'm standing on this cliff waiting for you
And you took the little things
A life in in the midst of being taken 
And you took the little things

My love was nothing but a buzz
Yours was a drug
You're a bad habit
Shit I'm even badder
But not bad enough to not get off this cliff.

My lesson was learned
I'll listen to the little things
But right now, I'd live to hear your voice
telling to not go further
And i won't 
But you've taken the little things.
You don't have to worry about taking them any longer
Because now I'm gone and I'd never hear you again.

Take that.



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