Little Things

It’s little things at first

Like shopping for new clothes

But now you’re in the women’s section

Where nobody in your age goes.


Flash forward: the first time

You put a shirt back on the rack,

Because you’ve realized this store doesn’t qualify

For your credit card’s cashback.


You used to hate the grocery store

And now you have a favorite one.

You know you’re older then;

You’re excited the coupons have come.

Grocery shopping is one of many

Of your chores to be done.


It’s little things at first

You pay the power bill

But you can’t afford the one for gas too,

The air in your apartment has started to chill.


Your first Winter since you moved out

Texting family; you actually miss each other.

You look back fondly to the days of

Shovelling snow with your brother.


And then the Spring comes

The first time your debit card declines

Embarrassment rises within you

And you log in to pay your overdraft fines.

Panicked as you hope that this

Happens to everyone sometimes.


It’s the little things at first

Your struggle through life feels like a blunder

And when asked what you’ve learned, you say:

Be who you needed when you were younger.


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