The Little Things

There are big and little things that make life great. The little things are what I live for, like sunshine on a clear blue day or clean white daisies blooming in May or a dog's wagging tail.


I love these things because they set me free. They are the simple joys in life.


Those that can set the pace of your day when everything goes wrong, the little things that can lighten your load when the world seems to be set against you, when the dice of life are loaded in someone else's favor. 


When you're rolling with no luck it's those little things that set you free. 


Things like waking up with no place to go, like hot coffee with cold cream.


Like fresh mint toothpaste, smiling babies, the purr of a calico cat, or a pleasant, happy dream.


Like hopes for another coming day, these are the signals that today could be okay, that you can make it out the door. These little things that say that maybe the pouring of rain isn't such a bad thing after all.


Because the feeling of cold water on your skin means that you're alive. 


Alive enough for these little things. 


Daisies, babies, toothpaste, and dreams.


It's these little things that make us grateful


to be 




Because life is made of these little things.


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Our world


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