The Little Things

often neglected, never studied

but somehow still memorized 

the smell of skin after a shower

the softness of hair

the way fidgeting happens even in stagnant moments

arms coiling around you in the night

having your hair stroked

your nose itched


slight touch of hands

or brushing of skin

pressure of body on body

hips upon hips

chest upon chest


the way a laugh plays out like a melody 

hearing the pitches of voice in time with different emotions

sounds of silenced pleasures 


a smile stretch across a face

or watching tears fall

that glance towards someone

silent conversations shared

the want and the passion

unsurpassed by nothing 



the wanting 

after a hard pressed kiss

gliding over tongues

often speaking words of endearment


a shampoo


crisp cold air


pheromones too delicate for your conscious to even detect 

The little things, we commit to our memory last a lifetime

what we perceive with our five senses,

these things go so unnoticed, yet solidify into great masses of thought

But what about the things we don’t sense

what about Synethesia 

what about when our senses blend together

when you hear love 

taste compassion

see desire

smell satisfaction

feel the touch of sentiment

these are the things that so often get burned into our brains

etched into our subconscious  

deep within us 

these are the things that keep us up at night 

these are the things that remind us what love is

these are the things that are often neglected 

until it is too late 

these are the questions you never studied for

but remember right before the test 

these are the little things


inscribed and 


deep within us



Little things<3


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