The Little Tear

I’m a little tear drop falling from her eye
She seemed to be so happy, don’t know what made her cry.
It cannot be the weather, for the sun is warm and shining
And it cannot be a harsh word heard, cuz she continues smiling.
Did a love one close to her heart pass because of years?
Or did she just come face to face with one of her greatest fears?
I cannot help but ponder on the reason I was shed
As I slide down her tender cheek now lightly touched with red.
I do not understand this, emotions are so confusing;
Laughter fills this room we’re in but still more tears are falling!
Soft music plays, I land in her lap, and it’s then I understand.
He told her that he loved her. Ask, would she take his hand?
So she continues smiling and the sun it is still shining.
She couldn’t be happier. I know why she is crying.


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