Little Reasons To Smile


Music blaring on my radio,

Driving around, nowhere to go,

Singing along without a care in the world,

If only others could see me glow.


Photo albums spread out on the floor,

Full of memories, nostalgia will soar,

Smiles from long ago warm my heart,

Distant people brought close to me once more.


Out in the wilderness, in my hands a fishing pole,

Siblings across the pond, Father's pulling fish from the water hole,

Plants sway with the wind and trees watch from above,

Nature pushing itself into my very soul.


Gathered around the dinner table we sit,

Prayers uttered, hands foled during it,

Food prepared with loving hands surrounds us,

Together as a family we enjoy and visit.


Sitting and laughing out loud,

Raucous teens in athlete's shroud,

Telling dirty jokes in the back of the bus,

Ornery kids who will make their parents proud.


Little hands grip big trays,

Quiet their mouths, hope it stays,

Help the children during their lunchtime,

Receive big hugs from each in their own ways.


Such small things bring big smiles,

Belly laughs last such long whiles,

Tears of mirth streaming from my eyes,

Surrounded by happiness's guiles.


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