This Little Raven


It was a day the Lord made;

the day this little raven came to be.

Such grace and strength had he.

He yearned for the day--his day--

when he could finally fly free.


All the courage in the world

mounted on his breast;

a heart full of love;

a mind of earnestness;

he set out to find himself.


He jumped from his nest.


That day, this little raven learned

just what he could be

and became the finest blackbird 

you ever did see.


Make no mistake abony,

for this little raven 

is so much more than thee.


Flying high in the sky 

with a soul so pure 

and a love so great,

one lucky raven to spot her mate.


My boyfriend has a very unique name which means "little raven" in another language; it is what inspired me to write this poem. 

Guide that inspired this poem: 


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