A Little Piece of Happiness


In a world that tells us there's no time for a break

That there are things to be done that can't be put off

I find it hard to ease my mind and notice the beauty before my eyes.

The beauty that lies in rolling hills

Or the color of a sunset that paints the sky

Is enough to leave me breathless.

I smile at the moon when she lights my steps

and embraces the earth with her silver glow.

In the realm of stars that bring life to the night

In the sunshine of summer or the whisper of the rain,

my heart has found delight.

I look to the path ahead of me

Filled with dreams, visions, love, and laughter

A life where fear has no place

Because I see

I hear

I feel

I understand

The things that make me who I am.

The beauty that heals and makes me whole

That lifts my spirit and calms my soul

The joy that takes away the stress,

My little piece of happiness.

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