Little One


United States
29° 38' 1.8456" N, 95° 39' 22.7232" W

Breathe, little one, breathe.
Feel your lungs fill with the sweet smelling air that surrounds you. Clear your head of all your worries. Exhale all the stresses of the day. Nothing can hurt you now. Nothing. Breathe until your last breath escapes you. Just breathe.

Dance, little one, dance.
Let your body move to the pulsing beat. Lose yourself in the music, the steady rhythm. Hear the soft tunes playing all around you. Let it all go, little one. Dance till your feet don’t touch the ground. Dance till you can dance no more. Just dance.

Cry, little one, cry.
Let the tears stream down your face. Let out all your sorrow. Let out all your pain, your agony. Cry out the tears you’ve been holding back for days. Cry until the teardrops run dry and your chest slowly stops heaving with your heavy sobs. Just cry.

Run, little one, run.
Glide over the earth. Run with your head held back and your arms pumping. Feel the night air as it rushes through your hair. Feel your heart racing in your chest. Keep running till you can’t feel your bare feet slapping the pavement. Run until you legs give way and you can’t run anymore. Just run.

Shout, little one, shout.
Scream out at the top of your lungs. Make yourself be heard by those who refuse to listen. Live your life in silence no longer. Shout until your throat becomes parched and your lips are unable to form another word. Just shout.

Fly, little one, fly.
Feel the wind as it surrounds you. Let the weightlessness take over. Feel yourself soaring higher into the night sky. Let the air brush lightly against your cheeks. Fly until your wings can carry you no longer and you feel yourself descending to solid ground. Just fly.

Laugh, little one, laugh.
Let the joy run through your veins. Don’t try to hold it in. Leave all your stress behind, little one. Feel the grin spread across your face, the warmth spread in your heart. Laugh until your cheeks turn red, your head becomes light, and you can breathe no longer. Just laugh.

Dream, little one, dream.
Let reality shatter into a million pieces before your very eyes. Let your mind wonder. Make your wildest dreams materialize before you. Make your most impossible hopes and wishes come true. Dream until the lines between fantasy and reality blur into nothingness. Just dream.

Fight, little one, fight.
Don’t give up yet, don’t surrender. Kneel for no one. Keep your head up and your gaze steady. Don’t turn back when you’ve come this far. You cannot accept defeat. Not now. Not ever. Fight, little one, until you have won the war that rages in your midst. Just fight.

Live, little one, live.
Live the life that was given to you. Always remember that you’re here for a reason. Always know that your life is cherished, that your life is priceless. Live, little one, so that you may breathe, dance, cry, run, shout, fly, laugh, dream, and fight. Live, little one, and never stop living.
Just live.


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