The Little 'Ole Diner

The little ‘ole diner

That used to rest on Main

Once was the most happenin’

Place in the town.

They played Elvis non-stop

On their ‘ole jukebox

‘N’ served the best burger

South a’ the Mason-Dixon Line.

            They’d serve ya

An ice cold Cherry Coke

On them hot summer days

And they’d even put a cherry on the top

If you remembered to say “Please”.

And on ya birthday,

Kids would always pay a visit

To that little ole diner

‘Cause they’d always give ya

A homemade Oreo Sunday

And they’d be sure to icing ya nose.

            But see

That little ole diner

Ain’t there no more. 

The King and ole Mickey D’s

Ran ‘em outta business ya see?

With their golden arches

And ya having it yo way n’ such.

            But now we ole folks still

‘Member our little ole diner

That used to rest on Main

‘Cause it used to be

The most happenin’ place

This side

Of the ole Mississippi. 




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