Little Man

Hey little man time put up your toys and turn of your cartoons you are no longer a child that has no care in the world because that bitch nigga has left you and your mom like an old broke down Cadillac cause this pussy now has string to it so he gone now to find a new pussy where he can have his last nut yea I know you’re four but you got be tuff can’t show no feelings cause that woman in that room need your strength on those days she feels weak and about tofalter yea I know being that man so young is a lot of pressure but you have to cause that woman right there now has to be a mother and a farther to you  oh see you you’re not little boy anymore you got head on right and you doing big things look the bitch nigga who thought you and mom wasn’t shit trying to tell you famous black American dad story but you to late the farther that you wanted is that woman be hide you that woman wish she met and merry that man in front of her that man she wanted so much turn out to be her very own child who she birth and raise is now that man she has felt the that love she long for now young man what part two to this story

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