A little love for him


United States
40° 47' 29.9076" N, 73° 56' 41.2764" W

I yearn for a forever love
A man that aint intimidated by me
put me in my place when i aint acting right cause i do be bugging out sometimes

I yearn for a strong connection, our bond to stick like crazy glue
on 2 sticks or a big ol'booty to a chair

I yearn for a soul shaking adventure til death really do us part
A forever kindof lover where we feel eachother deeply
My heart will race when you need me , ill be here
I follow you lead i lead you follow

50/50 is all i ask in this partnership baby
I want us to dance holding each other close feeling our souls combine into one
To explore the depth of love

To look at you 50 years from now & say "baby you is so damn fine"; For you to look at me 60 years from now & say "our togetherness is so divine"
The reality of reality
real love stories
Not to drown you inlove

But to drift you away is all i yearn for
To be carried by my night & shinning armor is all i yearn for

To seal this voodoo w/ a kiss
to prolong eternity
healthy love

fall asleep & wont kiss you cause your morning breath is kicking kindof love
cause thats real
visits the ups & downs
But still have my heart tangled into yours because
I love
To still get butterflies when ever i feel your touch
Too still be inlove every time i express the words I love you on moments we share
Damn! I'm inlove


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