Little Lily

Little Lily

Beautiful wavy black hair, just like his

wonderful powder blue eyes, just like mine

pixie-like giggle

warm little embrace

The biggest smile a little angel could wear

Porcelain pale skin, contrasting those rosy cheeks wonderfully

Little Lily, we love you honey

Little Lily, we’re a family baby

Little Lily, you’re my future darling

We broke up my love…

I swear I fought for you...for us

I promise sweetheart, I love you so much

I know he does too...but this cannot be our future

I can’t lie in bed next to your bitter father

I can’t make love to him darling...I can’t have you...not now…

but...but baby girl, I promise we will meet one day...without him…

I...I’ll find a wonderful daddy just for you

One that will never leave my side, never make me wonder if this is right…

Because I love you Lily baby, I love you


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