little lies and little secrets

you think you know the future

what's coming, what's going, what's approaching -

you think you know the little secrets

the little lies aren't news to you -

you think maybe you can outrun it

your past, the people who hurt you -

you think you've got it all figured out

and now you can just be you


well I've got information

you'll be dying to have

some little secrets of my own

but I'll never tell you

and you'll never guess

what's waiting behind all these bars


it's all a little blurry

and it's always too late

we can never turn back

once we've gone too far

the light keeps shining

and the world keeps spinning

and you're still small and alone --


beware the ides of march

and the tides of the sea

once it grabs you

it'll never let go


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