a little of honesty

Sun, 12/10/2017 - 18:54 -- AhhChoo


I never once explained to you how I became the person I am today

Dad, I'm sorry

I broke all of the rules I made up when I was younger

The ones created to protect me and my glass heart

Lately it's became a place to hold broken shards

I fill it up with sea glass, it must be prettier than me

Being abused by someone I trusted made me so angry

I am still so angry, I'm sorry I can't control myself all of the time daddy

I never meant to upset you

He came at me with everything he got

It was upsetting to see how easily tears fell from my face

I'm sorry I cry so much daddy, this wasn't how it was supposed to turn out

This little piece of truth may make you see me differently 

But I promised none of this was planned

He seemed so nice and kept asking for permission 

Until my answer was no and that's when he stopped asking

Daddy, I love you but when you are too aggressive

It reminds me of the night I so truly want to forget

Write me back soon, I want to hear about all you have planned for me 


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