A Little Help Please

I think

that I look the same as I did yesterday

and the same as I did last year

but I feel like someone took a little hammer to my pretty, reflective glass self

and it cracked and then shattered

leaving the airy shape of me

and it made a loud noise as the glass pieces scattered

but no one heard it.

It just happened one day.

Maybe in the line at Starbucks

or maybe in history class the other day

or maybe on the shuttle or maybe in the shower or maybe in the library

but it happened

I swear.

Wherever it happened, the little pieces are all gone

There’s a vacation memory on the floor of the library bathroom

There’s a temper tantrum over a boy’s rude text message on the second floor of the music building

There’s a glass piece in the cafeteria

and another under my bed

and one over there by your feet!

I want them back

because I think it’s time I glued them back together

and if I do a fine enough job

no one will ever know the difference.

If you see any of my little glass pieces of me,

please be kind and return them.


Need to talk?

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