Little Girl with a Voice

I can remember

The little girl who felt all alone

I can remember

The girl who was afraid of everything and everyone

I can remember

The child who felt lost and scared

I can remember

The kids who used to pick on her and call her names

I can remember

The long nights of endless tears

Times change and the past is done

The one thing that will always stick in my mind

Was the silence that stayed in that little girl for a long time


She didn’t know how to use her voice

She didn’t know where to begin

No one should feel voiceless

It’s time to stand for what you believe

Her mama told her, “Speak up and be brave

Don’t let anyone treat you like dirt.”


One day, she was walking towards the exit

Ready to leave, wanting to finish the day

She asked God, “Why must I be afraid to use my voice, to speak up? Why can’t I do it?

If you can hear me, give me a sign to let me know you heard me.”

A voice overtook her that changed her life forever


She stood up to a bully at school

She helped a little boy who was lost just as she was

She was able to make friends

She got into the singing group she wanted to be part of


If I see another little girl like her

I would say to her, “Be the voice for those who don’t have one.

Someday, someone somewhere in life, whether it is now or in the future,

Someone one day needs your help.

Don’t cry anymore, you will be ok.

I love you and love yourself unconditionally.

Rise out of the darkness you let consume you.

Stand up for what you believe in, f

or what you hold dear to you,

for those who were as lost as you were

Fight for yourself, because you are special and precious.

Believe that you can.”


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