Little Girl

Who is this girl I see with her face like stone

   The look in her eyes emotionless

With her hair a curtain as if to close herself off from the world.

   What has happened to her what do I not see

    Who can she truly be?


Who is this girl whom I dare to judge

 Gawking at her in amusement as if she were

a picture hung on a wall wanting to be seen by all.

Who am I to judge her past, present, and future

For I have fallen numerous times.

More than the stars in the sky,

And the grains of sand on a beach.

I have walked on the broken glass barefoot,

cutting myself on the thorns of lies

And have even laid on the cracked sidewalk just waiting

For eternal sleep to take me.


Who is this girl that I see looking in at the pool of water

And tearing at it as if to claw the image she sees before her to shreds.

The girls who cries herself to sleep in her bed.

Who shuts her eyes to the world

so the pain and darkness don't have to be seen.

She puts chains on her heart locks it with a key

And does not seem to be seen by anyone but me.


Who is this girl

Well, she has quite a tale to tell.

But as fate has woven it her eyes forever closed

And the flame in her has been blown out.

She is part of the earth as we all should return to.

She just couldn't handle this world.

The world will be a darker place now that her spark has been extinguished.

And if I could have but one wish

I would wish that it had been me to ask

Who is this girl?

And not just say the words but truly ask.


She was looked at but never seen

Heard but never truly listened to.

Her story will be told and even though you might hear

Will you ever listen to the memories, the story she wrote

though it might be short.

This is not only her story but mine as well

Where in the darkest parts of me,

My fears dwell.

Who is she?

I guess the true question is who is me?

Who am I?

Am I me?

For if she can't be heard and we wonder

who is she then will I ever know who is me.

Who is this girl?

Well, she is me.



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