Little Girl

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If you need a hand, I will be here for you.
If someone hurts you, I will hurt them.
If you need to confess, I will be your priest.
If they lie to you, I will tell you the truth.
If you need youth, I will play games with you.
If they take stuff away, I will give it back.
If you need to yell, I will be the echo.
If they scream at you, I will scream back.
If you need a hideout, I will hide you.
If they hide you from the world, I will bring the world to you.
If you need attention, I will ignore everyone.
If they ignore you, I will make them unknown.
If you need sleep, I will tuck you in.
If they awaken you, I will make them sleep forever.
If you need to get away, I will take you.
If they take you away, I will find you.
If you need a new home, I will have my door open.
If they kick you out, I will be waiting outside.
If you need a friend, I will be here.
If they do not allow friends, I will bring you to them.
If you need answers, I will answer.
If they teach you nothing, I will teach them a lesson.
If you need to wish, I will grant them.
If they wish you were dead, I will make sure they die.
If you need guidance, I will guide you.
If they guide you in the wrong direction, I will stop them.
If you need love, I will love you.
If they hate you, I will hate them.
If you need everything, I will give my all.
If they give you nothing, They will have nothing.

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