Little Girl


United States
40° 23' 46.5504" N, 104° 47' 13.56" W

Sad little girl
In the kitchen crying
Daddy just shot mommy
And she's in the next room dying.

Happy little girl
Doesn't know what it's like
Everything is perfect
From her parents to her bike.

Sad little girl
Is now in foster care
This family is terrible
Life is so unfair.

Happy little girl
Feels a bit alone
She's the only kid
So she's on her own.

Sad little girl
Isn't wanted anymore
The new foster home
Is the same as before.

Happy little girl
Has a lot of friends
But there is something missing
A sibling on her end.

Sad little girl
Runs away today
Finds a backyard hammock
And then she goes to lay.

Happy little girl
Goes outside to find
Sad girl laying there
And it blows her mind

Sad little girl
Wakes up to see
Happy girl smiling
And screaming yipee

Both little girls
Sit and talk forever
When the idea hatches
One that's very cleaver.

Sad little girl
Is no more
Happy little girl
Has a sister to adore.


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