Little girl

Little girl on the tree swing, 

How does it feel when you lose everything, 

A home, family, and friends, 

It started of well but then it ends.  


Little girl on the window seal, 

Looking up making a deal, 

Wanting a better life, 

Promising to be a wonderful wife.


Little girl playing with dolls, 

What happens when everything falls, 

Picking up fallen parts, 

Trying to fix her broken heart. 


Little girl in the mirror, 

All she feels is fear, 

Don't be scared of love my dear, 

Wipe your eyes, save your tears.  


Little girl once long ago, 

Take your time, take it slow, 

You live your life, 

No matter what strife, 

Smile into the light, 

But never lose sight. 


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