The Little Fellow

Creepy, crawly, furry little train fellow,

Looping up and looping down,

Giggling on your wiggling way.

Chew, chew, and do chew some more!

Crawling, munching, crawling, munching; eat all day to grow study and strong.

Furry tassels of hair tousled along your back of golden brown.

O but one day you were nowhere, nowhere to be found...

Did your furry coat become too tight?

I've looked and looked, and oh I've looked some more

Until I spotted you wrapped in a silk blanket, asleep for night and day.

Oh let me wait and see! Please let me stay to see.

Have you ever dreamed to fly? I've wished for wings,

But I don't know just how a kid gets wings like you to grow.

You're awake! I can see you stirring.

Ah! how you carefully waggled, gracefully extending my dream.

You have now become a butterfly!

But whenever you do whiffle waffle up high, fluttering in the sky,

Don't forget you were once a wiggly, wriggly, fellow

Right here beside me.


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