Little of everything in my thoughts

thinking I could save her but I cant they say only one thing can g.o.d
Savor every moment
p.r.a.y sometimes all day
Never ask why take it for what it is
Just truth in our reality
Nothing else to say not to you or anybody
Don’t know how to play
Try hard
For a better day
Higher away
the day we meet again
Where ya been
Distant warriors
Still cant comprehend your gone
Cant pretent to be ok
Sit still some would say
Only the dead can do this all day
Gotta whole list
Knock em off
Tally across
Chalk traces up
Stick figure faces creates the sum
Money gotta get it
Cant be a bum
Creating a larger sum
Running with the scum
Gunning at the punks
Dare step wrong
Dare too blink twice
Cost you your life
Not too nice not nice at all
Knock on the door pigs again
Cant wonder how I got into this shit
passed down like the old clothes as a kid changed since then
never wear another's shit
Unless again im locked in a cell
County blues I cant retire guess not yet not my turn
know yall turning in yo coffins
His love is drifting off into a sack his chase isnt in the rite race
How we gonna gain when we living insane
Smoked out I lifted away from the trap of the day
I swear I hate him yet I know I cant its just a feeling or is?
Cant figure out the next thing to do stuck in this misery he creates
Crazy glued
Crazy me crazy you
Love turnt me into a fool no longer will I love not her not him not you only me if I can find a reason too

This poem is about: 
My family


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