A little of everything

     A Little of Everything              


We have accounted for love,

Hate stands by her

Then comes fear and bravery

On our list we have wishing,

Married to dread

We have dreams and nightmares

And all that is in between

All of our opposites are well balanced

Are in their place

Except we cannot find


Nor death

We look for life in all the obvious places

She is not found anywhere

Trying to find death now

How easy a search it is

Someone said

Death was last seen in the auction room

Looking worried

We rush in to stop the bidding

Soon realizing we are too late

Five hundred for my life to be taken

No I bet 2 grand yells a man

No take mine, I give a million

It’s humorous how opposites attract

We found life in death

It was simply giving itself away

A shame,

Life had been found all along

Just waiting to be accepted

And it was death the people seeked

Never did they fully accept the wonders of life

Instead challenged death

Some things in this world can never be changed

However our journey is over

Time to report that all is in order.


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