From Little Boys, To Men, To Fathers


A Man is something unique.

A man is what all little boys should strive to be.

But how can a little boy strive to be a man when a man he does not see.

When our boys play their first baseball game, I see more mothers than fathers at those games.

When our boys don’t see their fathers at their high school graduation, you can see their hurt and Pain.

And I wonder if these fathers feel any shame?

I mean do we encourage men to not be fathers?

We say we don’t but we do.

Because every time you show a big time player having a one night stand with a woman on TV Your telling our little boys that knocking up a girl that isn’t your wife is cool.

How can these little boys strive to be men when a man he does not see?

See, a man doesn’t send a girl home after he’s gotten what he wants.

He pursues after that girl respecting her body and her parents until one day he is ready to put a Ring on it and say “I do.” “Oh I do, I do, and I do want to be with you!”

Not just for one night but for the rest of our lives.

Oh how can our little boys strive to be men when a man he does not see?

He was there one minute and gone the next.

How can this man be a father?

I thought that a father was supposed to be close to you but I only feel him getting farther.

A father… Getting father?

Is this the kind of world we live in?

Where we have less fathers at home with their families, and more of them that are locked up in the pen.

I can’t believe we give them the title of Men!

What could they have done right?

A real man raises his child putting the child before himself.

So how can we expect to raise up more fathers when we tell them to only care about themselves.

Oh how can our little boys strive to be men when a man he does not see?


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