The Little Blue Rose

You keep your head down,from having no friends.Or that's what other people tell you.Since everything you touch turns black and grey,No one ever confronts you. But there's still hope,One day you will find someone that cannever turn on you.Like the little blue rose,That sits all alone,In a meadow full of whitenessThe pure white roses are moons,Glowing brightly with the sun.No one ever bother to noticeThat shining blue rose,that stands in the middlewith it’s head held high.But no one bothers to ask you why?Why do you feel blue? How come you stand out from the rest? When you see this blue rose that stands out.You see that it will never be just like the rest.It will comfort you when nobody else wants tobecause it knows how it feels,to be shunned by the rest.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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