Dreams of darkness

comes the black bird 
that tells the black bird lies,

the bird of death sitting in a nest 
the one who tries to take

your last breath,

the black bird that stands around

and hidden in a crowd, 
shadows that are dark and powerful, 


Little black bird;

you feel you are the graceful one, 
but you will soon be found and bound 
locked away in your own cage,

water you will always crave; 
you will have a mirror of your ugliness, 
you must pay for all you have done 
that kept loved ones always on the run,


Life is a beautiful gift; 
love is as beautiful as one could ever get 
Little black bird

look what you have done,

You whispered lies to keep other birds

just to get them to flock with you,
your secrets are deadly

full of poison and fear,

but soon that too will despair

from this old atmosphere;
Little black bird,


you will soon be caught 
you will never be free

from this cage of darken dreams, 


Poetic Judy Emery © 1980


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