Little Beauties

Tue, 09/16/2014 - 22:26 -- kct5411


Little beauties are overlooked


The serene calmness of an undisturbed water

The vine grows, twisting around every bend

The fire giving off life, the crackle does not holler

The light flowing wind whistles, in time it begins its descend


The private smile of joy and love, hiding their elation

Twiddling thumbs for the desire to hold another, unwanting to be alone

A soft heartbeat, speeding in excitement, slowing in relaxation

A stargazed look, caught in a world of their own


Through disparity of this world, it's not all bleak

Detail is precious, in which inferno becomes lit

For miniscule wonders are mystique

Beauty is presented in the open, only if one looks for it



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