Little Antonia


Once upon a time, not long ago

Lived Antonia, a bright child

Who was pretty and never wild

Once upon a time, the sky was her limit,

And the world, her oyster

Antonia who was always studious

Her books, her lover and employer

Antonia who didn’t have a nice blue dress

Like Cinderella

Or even a fair complexion as Snow White

Dreamt to become a great person

Like Marin Luther King Jr or Nelson Mandela

A person whose death would move the entire world

Once upon a time,

Antonia dreamt not to be a Princess,

But to die with a legacy

Today African American, Antonia

Strives to conquer every obstacle,

Aimed at stopping her dreams from coming true

Little Antonia is now grown,

With her past embedded in her heart,

And her memories

Replaying in her mind

Like a favorite catchy song  

Today she will become a great woman,

In fact, she is already great!




This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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