Little Angel

Little Angel


This little angel

We are putting our faith in you.

We hope that you will do well,

Our trust is placed in few.


This little angel

So pure and so true

They'll soon make up labels

That don't fit for you


And this little angel

Grows confused and lost

You soon learn the Earth's dangers

And that everything comes at a cost


You don't understand

How people can be so cruel.

When you offer your hand,

They make you into a fool.


You don't know what's right,

You don't know what's wrong,

You try to look for the light,

But you don't know where you belong.


This little angel should not be here,

The Earth was not meant for you.

Your destiny is still unclear,

Hate can be hard to see through.


This little angel,

You're now tired and worn.

You still don't know why you fell,

Or why your wings have been torn.


You're damaged and broken,

All alone in a different world.

But your courage is soon awoken,

And your bravery is unfurled.


This little angel

You teach yourself to rise.

You fly above the church bell,

And soar through the bluest skies.


Your wings are still injured,

Yes, this is true,

But your goal isn't always what you pictured,

This strange new world has taught you.


This little angel isn't little anymore,

No, you're grown and strong.

You've learned that life is a war,

You've been taught right from wrong.


Little angel

You've done so well

You conquered your dreams,

Through all the hell.


Little angel

You should not be ignored,

You made us see what wasn't there before


Little angel,

You taught us that you don't need wings to soar

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



This poem was created to highlight the stuggles of someone growing up in a harsh society, such as this one in America. People continually try to put labels on you, labels that do not fit properly or at all. It is very difficult to grow up in a society such as this, beause it limits childrens' ability to be imaginative and creative.

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