A Litany for the General Eccentricities of the Human Race

It spits honesty from its absurdity,

Nonsense to reality.

It’s the depth of incongruity.

In this world with no constants,

It depicts the raw sense

Of who we are.

We won’t all be stars,

And we won’t all go far,

So we sit there on twitter

And say things so bitter…

Because we never looked inward

To check the essence of our own selves.

Instead, we just read about it on bookshelves.

Nobility is a rarity,

So none of us even try to be

Greater than what we’ve ever seen,

Then I pray a sign will come to me

Because I’m lost in this changing sea

Of faces circling all around me.

People on the radio

Say things that they shouldn’t know,

Yet we beg for their secrets

And burn away our regrets,

Because accountability

Shines light on the reality

That we try so hard to not see.

And this drives us crazy.

We live in horror of the unknown,

Which has inevitably shown

Us how powerless we are,

How we’re nothing but another star

With the rest of them so far.

Whatever we are changing into

Really starts to chop and screw

Up every little piece of you,

And none of us know what to do.


In the depths of inconsistency,

It tore away insanity

By deciphering reality. 


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