Listen to a sad song.

Listen to a sad song.

The one that makes you think

Of the friends that were once family,

And now you're not in sync.


Listen to a sad song.

With the melancholy tune

That always brings the tears out; 

They won't forgive you soon.


Listen to a sad song.

The one you've played for years

To wallow in your feelings,

To confirm all your fears.


They're not your friends anymore.

At least they don't want to be.

They want


to do with you.

That much is plain to see.


Tell yourself the turth.

Since every picture pierces through,

Every memory is tainted

By knowing they hate you.


So listen to a sad song.

Ask God and yourself why

You lost them and it's permanent,

So go ahead and cry.


Listen to that sad song.

Carve those lyrics in your skin.

You've only yourself to blame this time

Let that regret sink in

Maybe once you've punished yourself enough

They'll change their minds

You know they won't 

But hold onto the hope

And play a sad song

In the meantime

Words aren't even adequate

To right what you've done wrong.

So listen to.

Listen to.

Listen to a sad song.

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