Listen to me Professor


Listen to me Professor

Do you believe that you can get me through this class?

I have a soild 100% in your class. I should be happy but I feel little,

You posted it onto the class annoucment now all I hear is the class giggle.

My family never took me out to celebrate this accomlishment,

didn't recieve a "good job", or a "I'm proud of you" from the people I do it for.

Why am I so motivated?

It's like everytime I reach a goal, it's never good enough for my family, instead I get critized.

You should of did it this way, maybe it wouldn't have took you this long if you did it that way...

What does it matter, I made it? 

Listen to me Professor.

Am I going to drop out?

Is the money going to overpower the thought of gaining more information?

My friends aren't in school, they keep telling me I'm changing.

Should I run away and join people who can't say the same because they don't know my name?

Or have I been hiding who I really am to stick to the people who tolerate me.

My friends are impatiet and don't ever want to lift up a pen again.

Is that the kind of people I should associate myself around? 

Listen to me Professor!

I just want you to listen. 


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