My home, my school,

How I love you so dearly

But without your restraints,

I would have been able to live more freely


Although my friends and memories

Came from these halls,

The place itself

Felt like collapsing and suffocating walls


Favorites and the hierarchy of importance

Were clear for all to see

Showering the athletes with praise and finical support,

Yet disregarding music and academics, taking away our glee


Not financing for ACDEC’s

Chance at national victory,

The district didn’t let them fundraise

For their own funds, ridiculously!


For they thought that that would make

Them look unsupportive

To the parents in the district

But we see their true motive


And same with orchestra, band, and choir

They make them pay for their trips and uniform

Yet they manage to pay for cheerleaders’ airfare and sports equipment

At this rate, we might as well just conform


And talking about budget

The cuts have dented the teachers’ wallets

But this devastation

Has taken a toll on us Chiclets


Without the money, they will not stay

Without the teachers, who will teach us?

Unexperienced teachers desperate for a job

All they do for the students and parents is create a fuss


First they took away our

Calculus, physics, and English away

Then they added new teachers

Who didn’t teach but were here to stay


I applaud these men and women

Who tried their hardest

To teach us and put up with our complaints

Yet their abilities to communicate with us seemed furthest.


The list goes on and on

Ripped ceilings, broken air conditioners,

Cracked swimming pool, late counselors,

Where are our listeners?


Graduated and living apart

I still talk to those there

And have noticed a common theme

Of their desires for the district board to actually care


To listen to them and their ideas

To make them feel

Like a student at their school

To make them feel real.


If I could change anything

I would want to give them ears

So that they can see the complaints and the struggles

And finally hear.


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