Once I read a quote

that most people do not 

listen with the intent to understand,

they listen with the intent to reply.

And those words couldn't be farthest

from the truth.


I sit there while you talk,

listening, not a single peep 

escapes from my mouth. 

Because I'm listening.


I nod my head, every now and then,

to show I'm listening. A show of

consent, that's what you want, 

for someone to understand.


I'm not a person that talks,

I'm not a person who intrudes,

I listen. Closely. Earnestly.

Attentively. I'm an open ear,

for your rants, and thoughts.


I don't complain, when I sit there,

listening to you, I don't give advice,

or agree and disagree with you.

I sit there, and listen.


When I understand the fact,

that you feel what you feel,

all sense of inadequacy

flies through the door. In a sense,

that's why prayers work

for some people.

Because God listens, he just listens.


So don't ask me for advice,

don't ask if you are right are wrong, 

because I have one job and one job only,

to listen.


When I ask you to listen,

I'm not asking for advice,

or help, or consolation,

because when you do,

you're not listening.


But when it's my turn,

my turn for you to listen, 

please listen, please hear what

I'm trying to tell you.

And if you want to talk, wait,

wait for your turn,

and I will listen to you.




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