We all have voices

But us as people, we don’t make the right choices.

Instead of letting others speak,

We act like we're better and somebody we can’t beat.


Give each other a chance to tell their story.

Because we will never know when they will be sent to glory.


Some may die with their story untold,

But now for you, my story I behold.

Listen! Listen to what I have to say…..

We all know … I probably not one day...


So listen….


We act like were Jesus walking on earth for the second time.

But if some of us pick a bible you might go blind

This world is in trouble and is trouble.

But Ha-ha! Look at me in my own little bubble.

Each night I cry, think, and cry again,

And when people ask what’s wrong, my smile and frown just blend in.


God put us on this earth for many reasons,

But when somebody does wrong, you start doing comparisons.


We have freedom of speech,

But my words don’t even go past my teeth.

Hollering and screaming…

My heart is bleeding.

My life is almost done…

When the moon sets, here goes the sun…

We all have voices, but don’t make the right choices….

And everyone, including me, do wrong…. But we still have a voice...

So listen.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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