Sixteen years old and still a virgin not ashamed to say that cause at this age girls are givin birth and I hope and pray these babies grow up in their wordbut this generation can barely go to church see I know we go through it all hard times temptations and burdens but sometimes we can make our own life a burden see when you look up to the sky you see the birds man and even though they get tired they keep flyin so when you feel like giving up keep tryin to me it feels like this generation is dyin not physically but mentally see we blind to see what lies beneath reality but if we open our eyes we will have sight to see what we walk by faith not by sight trying to tip-toe quietly slipping past god like he won't see where we will be in the next 123 seconds of life I mean it could take 123 seconds and you're gone so don't wait till the tip top peak of dawn cause your way out is you way in I guarantee it there is no doubt about it about life its common sense but is common what we sense cause what I sense is the refa scent on almost every person I speak to saying hey its nice to meet you see you I can see it in your eyes you're not weedproof  don't let satan deceive you into doing the deceitful sucking the breath out of your life so that he can get full what a fool to try and fool you so hot he tryin to keep cool too and I know we think its cool to get high on cloud nine without the full moon and hopefully you will soon see what you will see soon cause as the sun goes down at noon its sunset time don't let the sunset blind cause deep inside you will know that it is time cause the end of life will find you you're like a candle in a dark room but god says you're like a flower so let it bloom inside you there are roots its amazing how some of  us don't know what were capable of what we can do see this world is afraid to hear the truth why dwell on what you think you can't do so can you figure out the square root of life times two because you only live once but you only die once but really you live again if you count heaven in open the floodgates lord let me in don't wait till judgment day to repent for sins cause then it will be too late see you decide your fate oh the adrenaline rush to see his face see everything at stake and our lives are like sequels see some are equal but each season is different take a picture it will last longer that a pure print but don't take it to an extinct trying to edit crop and Photoshop the face that god has shaped because you're better than what you think so don't listen to you instincts cause in the interior of your flesh there is no black ink see its the simple flow of your blood not a bright pink but a dark red thats the same blood that's Jesus said " IT IS FINISHED" that's the same thing Jesus said but you would already know that if you would just listen.

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