look at that girl

sitting there so calm

look at her

look at him

look at them

listen to their words

or rather

listen to what they dont say

listen to them not speak

but look at their eyes

their eyes say more than you could ever know

their eyes speak of pain of torture of hate of pain

look at their arms

look how their arms are always covered

so modest....

or not...

look at how they act

so quiet

ignoring everyone

never speaking a word

look at them

look at their drawings

look at their poems

do you see the meaning?

sometimes blunt sometimes not

do you understand?

do you care?


these people are crying

these people are in tears

these people are hurting

these people are dying


help them by listening

help them by talking

help them by being....there

if not...

one day they wont wake up

one day they wont be in class

one day they wont draw wont walk wont talk wont cry

one day they wont do anything

how would you feel then?

would you cry?

would you hurt?

would you care?



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