A List of Reasons Why People Like Me Are Afraid to Be Around to People Like You And Why That’s Okay

Thu, 06/12/2014 - 09:12 -- Alyxx

You don’t like the way I talk or the way I walk
It’s funny to call me names and antagonize me
When I’m down and out you know how to hurt me
I’ve never been anything but nice to you and look how I’m treated

Like utter bullshit and you don’t give a damn
You don’t care what you do to me
I’m just a pile of stinking trash on the curb
To be picked up by the garbage man and stuffed in the compactor

When I’m high and free and finally feeling
Like the world isn’t out to get me
Today you fuck everything up and
Hurt me like you do every other day of this god forsaken year

I can’t be open to anyone
Everyone wants to kill the last bit of soul I have
Kill the last bit of sanity in my mind
And rid the world of my filth and free everyone from my gnarled grasp

I can’t do anything
Without being ridiculed and
Lied to and cheated and
I’m not what they say

I’m not a failure
I’m me
And that’s okay

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