List 01

Make a list of all the things in your house that can kill you.


Have you ever had someone tell you they love youand then tell you it was a lie?

Abandonment seems to be the necessary process for existance.



For every horror I tell you, slipped into conversation with a laugh and an uneven heartbeat

Theres three i don't

The secrets that live in my skin are sharp to  touch and you dont care to.

Steak Knives.


They bury themselves in my neck and whisper of their unbreakable ties to me

Just like you

Just like you.



How we ran through the city streets

chasing smoke through the peaks and valleys of a sheet of tinfoil

How the blood that trickled from my nostrils to my lips

made me look like Marilyn Monroe



I have forced myself to purge the whispers, the secrets

But the scars on the first two fingers of my right hand assure me I cannot be without

but so does your shirt, your skin

A Sheet.


Love is not  choice

But pain is not a choice




A house full of choices.



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