A Lion's Purpose


‘Fraid to speak,

At least Me.

Free thoughts, who float’d aimlessly.


Neurons spark,

Genius bridged.

Still Lost thoughts, who fail’d past my lips.


Transcendence, Apathy, Fear.


Not Teacher,

Nor one Peer.

‘Just Average’.


Because if

Neurons spark,

‘Just Average’ bridg’d?


Then Found thoughts,

Move passed lips.

Average thoughts, they never die.


Oasis now tapped.

An endless Well.


Light’n my eyes,

Out my mouth,


Inspiring minds,

Raising hairs.


‘Fraid to speak,

No more Me.

Never Us.  


Diplomas from Man,

Silence lambs.

The lions silence themselves.


‘Till they roar,

Then flesh torn.

Paper can’t calm the storming blood.


Their thoughts cut.

Their words rip.

Until a true Oasis wakes.


Lamb and Lion,

Fear and Lust,

And I have a Diploma to boot.


Back I come,

Not to relive.

For no longer am I alone.


Beyond Reason, Purpose.


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