A lion with the heart of a lamb


Why now?

When you have gained so many in your love

You come home to just swing back

Hospitals beds, nurses, shots, more chemo will it ever end?

Your body is less than the fortress of a miracle

More a hut of new medicines and treatments,

Like a lab rat being helplessly punished for the life they didn’t choose

Will it ever end?

No it can’t because that means the end of you

I’m not ready for that not yet, we’re too close, like vines running together

Only finding each other in the lost forest to intertwine

You touched my life and pushed me to the light

I had my hardships but you had a storm with your ship going under

They drowned you with anything to make you feel better

You can’t breathe anymore and we all are on a desperate attempt to find a lifeboat

But no

Every weiz I hear, means you are still here

Even in your last breathes you gave me a lesson on how to grow up, in the matter of the spilt of a inhale I went from playing in the dirt to expressing my hurt

Our tears start to slowly fall faster with every last breath creating an ocean

God took you as his fisher, no longer able to serve us lost at sea

We are to follow our own sunsets and look for you in the crest of every wave

Jamie he is greater than any man

He was more than a man than anyone on this earth sitting right below Jesus

Is where he sits his chair

We all cry about working 8 to 5 Jamie worked 5 to 8

Just to give Anthony food on his plate

And your son? He can walk his life saying his mother was the strongest

She had more muscles than Hercules and a heart of a lion

How many kids at the age of two know how to love a mother?

He shines with your pride, and love, he express what you cannot

No matter how many visits to the gym nothing will bring the strength you carry

For it is only obtained through the worst circumstances

There is no muscle to chisel to bear life’s twists

You lay there not the same, dead on the outside but inside is not that way

You give us hope, tell stories even when you are asleep,

You taught me my greatest lessons with not one word spoken

That out of all the moments we spent, sitting together in silence, is what I will miss the most

I looked at you laying there I’ve never wanted anything more then to breathe my life into your air

Die such a small word only three letter than why did it make us all fall to our knees begging for any miracle at God’s holy feet

Three letters does not do the life of an angel justice

As you lay, all I can say is not today, not this way, as you slowly drift away

To the seas of heaven, I shall sail my boat in the light of your impassable hope

Because you needed to die to show us we must live

You go into heaven like a lion with the heart of a lamb 


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