How oblivious the people seem

its as if I'm a mere passing dream

Without substance a faint memory

Unless I've caught you unprepared


Since a terror of a thousand nights

Will only flicker a child's light

Turn to fondness in due time

Or simply vanish from their mind


As I sit here wondering

I realize that my fellow man has simply forgotten my time

Alone to sail on pristine clouds

I fail to comprehend that the scream of my mind just isn't loud


The thud thud thud thud fills my mind

As my lungs cry out why God why

The spots infect my sight and my mind swoons to unease

Then nothing a peace ‘til screams I do wake

With throbbing pain and returned thud thud

I remember my question and truthfully just ask why


So as I stand before you here today

I actually gives thanks for what's happening

Even though I'm weak and lost

I can understand the cost to simply be limitless in this dear life



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