Limit to A Lituation #LIFE

There's a party,

Everybody is lit,

Drinking and Smoking,

Posting pics with their new outfits.


Party in a mansion,

Tables turning with red cups, 

My team need a coupple hook-ups,

People asking "Where's the plug ?" like an anthem,


Rolley on my wrist,

I remembered being broke,

Now my money up like I'm rich,

Came up from nothing, 

Now I feel like something.


Somebody pass the blunt,

Henny in one hand money in the other,

Got attitude on front, 

Everyone drinking one after another.


Chicks dancing and haters watching,

DJ has the music on 100,

Throwing ones in the air like cha-ching,

Roll a blunt one after another.


The party is jungle, 

Going through money like a phase,

Vision blurry getting small like a funnel,

What happens at this party stays.


I got the drip from my walk,

Switch the flow up,

I can hear the haters talk,

Smoking whatever, 

Don't even remember whats in this cup.


Met a shorty,

Knew she was for me,

Watching her whine in her Fendi,

I knew I was taking her with me,

No guarantee.


She was so drunk but so fine,

Told her she couldn't handle a gangsta like me,

Should've saw the way she looked me in my eyes,

She said "Baby, I am not afraid to die."


3 am party froze,

Walking sloppy time to bounce,

Hops in the whip with the woes,

Everyone smell like a ounce.


Thats when everything became a blur,

Late night on the swerve,

Bumpin music sippin liquer,

Everybody laughing,

Then there was a sharp turn....


Woke up in a white bed,

Thought I was in heaven,

They said I was bleeding from my head,

And all my friends were dead...


Until this day I pray,

To forgive me for my sins,

Until this day I will never,

Smoke or drink again.


In our brains we must engrave,

That others' lives are just as valuable as ours, 

and you can save as much money and buy as much designer,

But you can't take it with you to the grave. 


There MAY be a lituation going on,

And there MAY be drugs and liquer around,

but there will ALWAYS be a limit,

How far will you go?




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