Limbic System

I cannot live without my limbic system.

Motivation, emotion, learning and memory.


Let’s start with motivation.

Something people lack to see.

What is motivation?

The drive to strive and accomplish ambition.

Also requiring much intuition.

Without motivation there is no true success.

No one finding their passion or what they love best.

All for what?

For having no interest.

For constantly leaving projects unfinished.

Without motivation?

I have an example to say.

Motivation is why I am writing this essay.


Onto emotion as I’m trying not to stress.

Emotion is what causes people to sometimes be a mess.

Variety of feelings such as happiness, anger, sadness and love.

All given from the man Himself above.

If I had no emotion - what would I be?

I wouldn’t laugh, I wouldn’t smile.

I wouldn’t dance around and sing.

A saying I hear that never seems to fall:

“It is better to feel pain than to feel nothing at all.”

Without having emotions - being dull all the time.

I wouldn’t have any fun while creating this rhyme.


The natural desire - the desire to learn.

The desire to know things you’ve never known before.

Without learning, there are no new ideas.

No one writing down questions, writing down appeals.

A very common saying:

“You must learn from your mistakes.”

If I could never learn from my error,

I would never know how to be better.

If I had never learned how to read or write.

I wouldn’t be sitting here,

writing this essay tonight.


And finally, memories.

The memories of yesterday

affecting how we act today.

The memories of months ago,

allowing us to live and grow.

What if there was no such thing?

Nothing to look back on and smile about.

Nothing to look back on and cry about.

It would be as if we were starting from beginning.

Nothing to reminds us that life is worth living.

If there was no memory, it would be a disgrace.

Memory reminds me to write this in the first place.


I can live without materials.

They can only serve my basic needs.

But cannot bring my mind to ease.

Materials will not define me.

And as a matter of fact,

I can survive easily.

As long as my minds intact.


Motivation, emotion, learning and memory.

I cannot live without my limbic system.


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